by Cosmic Sound Child

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These were the songs stewed up during the short duration of our band....


released August 1, 2011

Recorded with Mouth Bomb Crew



all rights reserved


Cosmic Sound Child Denver, Colorado

Richard Ingersoll
Ethan Evanchak
Enrique Badillo
Joseph Hatfield

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Track Name: The Ride
Oh, its nice when you feel somebody
comin on, comin strong, now you feel like somebody
dont lose it, you're gonna have to live it down

oh, its nice in your room youre high
now your wallets dry, you gotta be somebody's
dont let it bring you down

just be aware things are moving, changing with time
and when you're all caught up
its not a web. take a minute to sit and clear your head

Oh its nice when you're on the ride and you can feel the waves with the ones beside you and
in the middle is where we're at

Oh its nice when you see the strings and you can cut em off and feel the freedom and
in the middle's where we're at

into our own ride
center spirit, shouldnt fear it
cuz all around our minds
there are dimensions splitting and refitting
into my own ride
more ambition, every mission
Track Name: Lilip
To make progress, you must move forward, also back
you cant have one without the other
and what about that holy mechanism making fun?
that divine power lies within each other

every one of us is worried about the fall
but are we falling? i dont think we're falling down at all
you reach high enough you think you can touch your soul? once you try it then im sure that you will know for sure

keep me movin slow, its only natural
make way so
condition me i want to grow, its only natural

....and it me then...that just one thing....revealing itself to itself....but slightly different....under constant flowing chance and at the center was the spirit....
Track Name: Manna
channel it right down through me
supply me with that divine grammar
And I
Believe its handed down to I, by I
....Thank me for the light infection!

bloom up from the brainstem lotus
climbing up, oh how it pulls us
Fan of
Derivatives of what was sighted
and of
creations of the eye, your highness!

Why this dryness?
Plug me in and let me try this!
Track Name: Inquisitive
I understood when you described
how the jokes always alike
and underneath the stars outside
the universe is so alive

it came from the air
came up from the ground
came from all around and i dont know what it was
in all i see
in all the sounds
we're definitely bound and i dont mind not at all

in a place where i was walkin
was a place that you were too
the force was undeniable
it pulsed through me. it pulsed through you

its like this mountain that you climb
just to realize you're walking down the other side
right back down towards the eye

the questions you have, the good and the bad, the future the past and the answers all around
end on the rise, one point, no divide
and we are equally wise and i dont mind, not at all

when we move from this world onto another
and a miracle is birthed from The Mother
when we move from this world onto another and we drop off fear

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Track Name: Baby Smasher
When we get there, dont you see?
we will become, and it will be
and itl take us with it, out toward the cosmic sea

we are a drain spinning 'round
spinning down, so insane, so impossible to escape
its a sort of fame, dont you see?

"you were always right! how does it feel?!?"
"the mystery is solved! its you! here to welcome yourself home!"
this realization set you free, to expain it would just mean to be.

get up
do this
do that
its a never ending cycle
move on
through this
through that
through the chaos as it spirals down